offer product placement to your clients​


Are you a Media Buyer or Digital Marketing Agency who wants to offer more to your clients?  If they have a fantastic product or an amazing brand that they would love to see being used by the cast on a major TV series in the USA?  Well of course they do!

​Imagine the huge amount of high quality social media content, social posts, PR and new customers your clients could generate if people across the globe got to see their product on TV! 

Apart from instant brand credibility, being on a TV show is the type of advertisement that just keeps on giving, as the TV show will not only air live  but then be able to be viewed millions and millions of times over across OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix!  Plus all of the footage created on the TV show as well as a stack of BTS footage will be created for you and your clients to use in advertisements over and over again!

We also offer highly competitive commission payments to all of our valued Media and Digital Agency Partners.

To find out more, please watch our video and then if you would like to feature your clients products in a TV series then if you would like to offer your clients product placement opportunities in our TV series then please fill out our Preferred Partners form below.


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