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Series Name: True Love Story

​Genre: Romance / Celebrity Reality


Timeslot: Saturday

Production Date:  November 2019

Episodes: 6 x 30 minute

Filming Locations: Los Angeles & New York USA 

Production Company: Elysium Media

Distribution:  The series will initially air on FYI in the USA.  The show currently has distribution locked in for additional countries with the view of having 35 countries air the series within the next 12 months.  

Estimated Viewership - Year 1:  50 Million Viewers worldwide.

​Synopsis:  Behind the tabloids, speculation and rumours, lies the truth! On True Love Story our Celebrity guests will finally have the chance to set the record straight!  We have read about them in the tabloids, and seen them on our TV screens. The larger than life romances and break ups of America's most loved celebrities. But what really happened between the two real people involved in these relationships, behind closed doors?

Were the tabloids telling the truth or was it all a work of fiction?

Each episode will feature 1 celebrity interview, either in the celebrities home or a place that they love and feel comfortable in.


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