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With ideas as endless as the stars in the sky and a passion and desire to bring about massive change in the Documentary & Reality TV space, Brandsparkle is on a mission align brilliant brands with beautiful TV series and Films.   

You see, at Brandsparkle we believe that TV series and Film creators we have the ability to shape the way our viewers think and feel.  With this in mind, we want to help your brand build its reputation by aligning it with TV shows & Films that inspire people to be more, do more and love more.  

We want to help your brand to inject positivity and love into the world by being part of entertainment that leave our viewers smiling and filled with optimism at the end of each episode.   

Reality TV series have historically been designed to cast shade on their cast & characters, so working alongside our sister production company Elysium want to change the narrative and start spread light instead!

Elysium Media is an international production company with studios in Los Angeles - USA & London, UK. With titles like My Transparent Life, Hollywood Disclosure, Dream Life and Life Unfiltered under its belt, and the upcoming releases of We Are Not Alone & Contact - The CE5 Experience, Elysium Media is set to rock the Reality TV and Documentary Filmmaking genres in 2022.

If you own a product or brand and would like to see it featured on one of our shows then please fill out our Brand Submission Form

If you would like help turning your idea into a feature film or broadcasted TV series, then ask us about our Television Production services!

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