Brandsparkle has created this product placement package for those who want to dramatically increase sales and brand awareness so this is your opportunity to feature your brand alongside A-List celebrities on season 2 of this groundbreaking Celebrity Reality, Documentary Series, Hollywood Disclosure!

Produced by Hollywood Royalty Tara Reid & LA fastest rising star, Serena DC, this series will premiere Worldwide in June 2021!

This is your last chance to have your product seen by literally tens of millions of viewers! 

Check out the highlights from Season 1 below!

Series Name: Hollywood Disclosure - Season 2

​Genre: Romance / Celebrity Reality

Network: Apple TV+ & Amazon Prime  

Timeslot: On Demand

Production Date:  April 2021

Episodes: 12 x 30 minute

Filming Locations: Los Angeles

Production Company: Elysium Media 

Estimated Viewership - Year 1:  50 Million Viewers worldwide.



We have read about them in the tabloids, and seen them on our TV screens. Larger than life Celebrities, whom from the outside appear to lead blissful lives filled with wealth, success and happiness, but sometimes what we see on our television's, hides the dark side of celebrity. The painful & emotional truth.

Each episode will take you on a journey into the deepest & darkest places our celebrity guests have ever been as they share their harrowing stories on topics including: transitioning from male to female, witnessing 9/11, battling Cancer, child abuse, extreme bullying, body dysmorphia, stalking and suicidal thoughts.

This season our host Serena Dc sits down with Caitlyn Jenner, Deepak Chopra, Corey Feldman, Tara Reid,  Colin Egglesfield & Daniel Goddard the intimate details of how they were able to survive and then thrive after reaching the depths of despair.

Serena DC is on a mission to bring stories of personal transformation and inspiration to the world. This series, Serena’s celebrity guests will share never before heard stories of deep personal moments in their lives that pushed them to their limits but that taught them their greatest life lessons.

By sharing these lessons with viewers, our celebrity guests hope to inspire each and every one of us to be more, do more and love more.

Serena will ask all of the questions that the public been burning to know the answer to, and the celebrities will open up like never before as they share with us their real-life stories on Hollywood Disclosure.


Package Contents

    • Product Placement in a min of 1 episodes

    • Product mentioned by name, in 1 episodes

    • 1 x Instagram posts or stories from all main cast members when show airs

    • Gift your product to all of the cast members

    • 1 x 15 second videos of all main cast members with your brand, for you to post

    • 1 x Photos of all main cast members with your brand, for you to post

    • Content featuring your brand, lifted from series, available for you to use on your website & other digital platforms

    • Photo of a minimum of 1 celebrity guest with your brand

    • Sponsor Directory listing on official site.

    • Invitation to celebrity wrap party in LA 

    • Visit set for a walk thru behind the scenes for you

    • Personal meet & greet with a Celebrity guest and the cast on set at the shooting of one episode, where you can create additional BTS content to use across your social media platforms and website for marketing.


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