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Brandsparkle has created this product placement package for those who want to dramatically increase sales and brand awareness so this is your golden opportunity to feature your brand being used by cast members on this spooky and heartwarming new show! Airing in the USA and then across the globe this is your chance to have your product seen by literally tens of millions of viewers! So here is the low down

Genre: Documentary Series

Network: Amazon

Timeslot: Streaming

Production Date: TBC

Episodes: 10 x 30 minute

Filming Locations: Los Angeles USA & London UK

Production Company: Elysium Media & Post and Jam


Alison Maiden is a world renown Australian Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator who is moving to Los Angeles to set up her new office. Here Alison and her team deal with many different clients all with paranormal problems that need to be solved.  Alison is joined by her Personal Assistant, her intern and protégé a skittish young gay fellow who is actually very psychic but scared of ghosts and his ability to see, hear and feel them and a geeky science guy who has the latest equipment in paranormal investigation. This show has 8 episodes with each episode showing a unique aspect of Alison’s work.


Package Contents

    • Product Placement in a minimum of 10 episodes
    • Product featured and used in 2 segments of the show
    • Product mentioned by name in 6 episodes
    • Gift your product to 4 celebrity guests
    • Sponsor spokesperson or expert appearance in the show as a real cast member
    • Submit one idea for a scene or segment in the series
    • Gift your product to all celebrity guests
    • Gift your product to all of the cast members
    • 6 x Instagram post from all main cast members when show airs
    • 4 x 15 second pre-recorded videos from all of the cast members for you to post
    • 2 x 30 second pre-recorded videos from all main cast members for you to post
    • 6 x Edited photos from all main cast members for you to post
    • All content of your brand, lifted from program, available for use on your website & other digital platforms
    • Photo of a minimum of 5 celebrity guest with your products from the episodes your products are featured on 
    • 15 second video shoutout from 2 celebrity guests 
    • 6 x "Brought to you by", billboard TV ad's
    • Sponsor Directory listing on official site.
    • Sponsors logo & advertisement on front page of website
    • Run a competition for the entire season with the host of the series available to present on advertisements and the cast available for photos and a meet and greet with your competition winner.
    • Option to co sponsor / host celebrity premiere party.
    • Invitation to celebrity wrap party in LA
    • Visit set for a walk thru behind the scenes
    • Personal Meet & Greet with cast where you can create additional BTS content to use across your socials.
    • Meet 2 of the celebrity guests.
    • Product exclusivity for the entire series.



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